About Cornelia

About Cornelia ShipleyWhy attend the Design Your Life Event? 

Cornelia is committed to transforming the daily experience of women leaders and entrepreneurs by providing them with tools necessary to achieve their desired outcomes. At one point in her life, Cornelia faced the question so many accomplished women do:  If I am so smart, how the #$%^& did I get here?  This question came after two family health crisis’: her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and her father had a stroke.

After leaving a successful corporate career, Cornelia began taking action to create a successful business and define success on her own terms!  She realized that too often in life, we find ourselves in a destination we did not intended (unfulfilled, overworked, depressed, exhausted, etc.) typically  because we failed to create a holistic plan for our life. Cornelia’s life and success is an example of the importance of how integrated planning can be the catalyst to designing a life and work that work!

Cornelia is now doing what she loves! She is a sought after speaker, executive coach, seminar leader, and a recognized strategy expert. Business and Industry leaders choose Cornelia as their “secret weapon” because of the phenomenal results they are able to achieve with her simple yet powerful way of helping them navigate the complex path to personal success.

Design Your Life EventThe two day Design Your Life Event is the culmination of more than 20 years of professional development experience wrapped up in this innovative program. Participants will leave equipped to transform themselves and create the abundance they desire in life and work. During the two days, Cornelia will share her insights and step-by-step process that transformed her life from an unfulfilled HR Leader, to a successful entrepreneur and keynote speaker – balancing married life, family, and transforming her clients into successful entrepreneurs, Directors, VP’s and C-Suite executives.

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