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Over the course of two days Cornelia will be working with you (and other amazing women) to set you on the path to living your desire by design. We know you will find the conference to be a transformative experience and we want to give you the opportunity to get even MORE from the experience. We are pleased to offer an exclusive VIP upgrade option where you can enjoy:

VIP Day with CorneliaA Group VIP Day with Cornelia

Plan to stay over on March 17, 2014 to spend the day with Cornelia, her team, and the VIP community going in depth on your design plan in a group mastermind experience. Take this opportunity to not only leverage Cornelia’s expertise but gain valuable insights from the VIP community.

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Invitation Only ReceptionPersonalized Copy of Cornelia’s New Book

Get your personalized copy of Cornelia’s new book scheduled for release Spring 2014.  Receive the guide with the step by step process Cornelia used to design her life. After spending 3 days with you Cornelia will design a personalized message and autograph your copy.


Follow up conference callPost Event 90 Minute LIVE Q&A Conference Call with Cornelia

We know that once you leave, you are going to have questions.  This call will be an invaluable tool to help you follow up on everything covered during the Design Your Life Event.

And More…

We love gifting you VIPs with a little something extra whenever we can. And we already have a few extra-special surprises up our sleeves, just for you.

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